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Creative Nestlings Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing and cultivating creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship among young African creatives. Our vision is to create an ecosystem where young African creatives can thrive, succeed, and contribute to the growth and transformation of the creative and cultural industries across the continent.

We made a film 🙂

Zero To A Hundred is a new documentary telling a story of the state of creativity & entrepreneurship in South African cities.

“What does innovation mean to you?”“Ugh.”
In 2019, two South African platforms dedicated to community, creativity and representation – Creative Nestlings and Disorient – teamed up and set out to explore the question of what innovation means on African terms.

Moving between the cities of Johannesburg and Cape Town – South Africa’ main centers of opportunity and urbanization – they reached out to creators, entrepreneurs, and investors in different industries to find out what innovation means to them, what the state of opportunity is, and where it’s all going.

2 cities. 6 months. 20 creators.

The start of an African innovation story

us 🙂

What we do

We are actively engaged in mapping and developing equitable creative and cultural industries in Africa.

Conversations On Creativity

We facilitate meaningful conversations among creatives, institutions, governments, corporates, and brands through our digital platforms, in-person gatherings, content, and conferences.

These platforms provide spaces for peer-to-peer learning, knowledge sharing, and resource exchange, empowering creatives to learn from each other and grow together.

Creative Network

A vibrant community of over 100,000 African creatives and cultural practitioners connected through our in-person gatherings, WhatsApp group and channel, newsletter, and social media platforms. This active network fosters collaboration, resource sharing, and support among members, creating a powerful platform for creative growth and development.

development & access

We connect African creatives to a diverse range of opportunities, events, and development programs, including our developing our own initiatives and partnerships with incubators, accelerators, funding initiatives, business training workshops, conferences, masterclasses, residencies, and exchange programs. These opportunities empower creatives to refine their craft, expand their professional networks, and propel their careers forward. These opportunities empower creatives to grow their skills, expand their networks, and advance their careers.

research & development

We engage in continuous research through conversations, surveys, polls, and talks to map the African creative landscape and gain a deeper understanding of the needs and challenges faced by African creatives. Our research findings shape our activities, partnerships, and programs, ensuring that we consistently deliver relevant support and value to our community, and drive meaningful impact in the creative industry.

For creatives, we’re a gateway. 

We’re a gateway to opportunities, connecting young African creatives to insights, industry connections, and a supportive community. We empower creatives to build sustainable careers, innovative products, and successful companies. 

Through knowledge sharing (talks, conferences, interviews, podcasts, and books) and infrastructure development (creative spaces, funding, incubators, accelerators, and business workshops), we help creatives learn, grow, and thrive.

For industry, we’re a partner. 

We’re a collaborative partner for businesses and institutions, providing strategic services and access to a vibrant network of talented African creatives. Together, we co-create equitable programs, content, and insights that help partners connect with creative audiences, stay informed on trends and movements, and drive innovation.

"free events that brought together industry professionals and emerging creatives to meet and share knowledge. It was at these conversations that industry professionals and brands became accessible — where our heroes were revealed to be flesh and blood."

Who we have worked with

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